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When the driver bends down and pulls up the windshield, ZT310X is like a large bodykit track car and the drivers drives upright and lifts the windshield, ZT310X becomes a long-distance hiking car with the sitting-posture comfort. ZT310X is designed to give the owner the pleasure of riding in different driving circumstances

Keyless control system

The carry-on keyless system transponder can unlock the motorcycle through inductiveness within 1.5m from the motorcycle (the transponder can be placed in a backpack or pocket, and the cyclist doesn’t need to take it out), and vice versa when the transponder is outside the range of 1.5m from the motorcycle. It is simple and convenient, which eliminates the cumbersome of using key to unlock the motorcycle. The whole motorcycle adopts the electronic lock, which presents the cyclist more wonderful experience.

Electric function

The electric gasoline tank cover, the electric cushion lock, and the electric motorcycle head all make the traditional keys seem pallid by comparison. The buttons are distributed on the left and the right handlebars, which facilitates the cyclist to press at any time.

Fuel-saving and sporting dual mode

The cyclist can switch between the two modes (E is fuel-efficient mode, S is sports mode) by pressing the button on the right handlebar, which fully satisfies the fuel-saving demand during the long-distance travel and the swift and fierce experience demand of cycling in cities. In the fuel-efficient mode, the system will automatically switch to the sport mode as long as the engine speed is increased to 7,000rpm if the cyclist needs to overtake under emergency.

USB charging port

The built-in high-precision constant current and constant pressure control loop allow the mobile phone to be accurately charged, which can protect the battery to a greater extent and greatly improve the cruising power of the phone to give you a pleasant journey.

Pure-aluminum cylinder

The inner wall of the cylinder without liner is thin due to the completely home-made pure-aluminum cylinder from die-casting to processing, and the space saved is used to widen the water passage, so as to take away the heat in the cylinder quickly. The good heat dissipation performance is an important factor to guarantee the improvement of the engine performance and the extending of engine life.

Sharp motorcycle headlight

When the distance light is shining, the dipped headlight shines at the same time. The whole car is equipped with LED light and the ferocious daylights make people alert in the far distance.

Gasoline tank with galvanized liner

Eliminate the clogging of intake filter pulp and the leakage of gasoline tank due to rust.

It is equipped with BOSCH ABS

The BOSCH9.1M model ABS system allows and brings confidence for the cyclists to manipulate the motorcycle in case of any unexpected situation unhurriedly at will, regardless of the sandy and the sleet roads.

Aluminum alloy rear fork

The special process of integrated molding is originated from the Tayo company’s independent casting. Through the combination of materials and casting process, the flexibility of aluminum alloy is close to the steel pipe, which will not be broke when bending and twisting, giving full play to the characteristics of lightweight and good rigidity of the aluminum alloy.

anti-scald exhaust pipe

The stainless steel outer barrel and the ingenious internal heat insulation design prevent the exhaust pipe from burning when driving for a long time and allow the back seat passenger to feel at ease when placing the feet close to the baffle.

LCD intelligent digital controller

Gear display, minimum cruising mileage, average fuel consumption per 100km and other information are provided for drivers to refer to.

Smart lithium battery

ZT310-X is designed with high-performance lithium batteries. When the voltage is lower than the protection value, the battery will fall into the sleep mode with little power consumption, ensuring that there is still electricity even if the vehicle does not ride for a long time. The intelligent lithium battery control system will be activated and the battery will also be reactivated by pressing the hidden light button on the left inner side of the motorcycle. If the motorcycle is not started three minutes after the activation, the battery will automatically enter the sleep state. If the wake-up switch warning light keeps bright, the power is adequate. If it flashes slowly, the power is about to run out and it takes at least half an hour of idling or riding to refill it. If the light flashes rapidly, the battery is out of power, requiring manual charging (manual charging requires waking up the battery in the first place).

Lightweight aluminum alloy rim

The wide rim and hollow interior design ensure both the strength and toughness.

Large integral molding cushion

The automatic cushion production line specially used by Tayo combined with the unique anti-foaming sponge molding technology allows the soft sponge to become angular, The sponge-lether lamination without layers nor deformation, breaks the previous round and fat shape of the cushion, so that the cushion edge angle and the surrounding plastic parts will match to form a part of the smooth and plain shell modeling.

Central nitrogen rear shock absorber

The design of built-in air bag filled with high pressure nitrogen is adopted for the central rear shock absorber to reduce the hydraulic oil temperature; it can provide greater restoring damping force during cycling at high speed, and the high-pressure nitrogen in the air bag can also change the air spring characteristics inside the shock absorber. The overall design is comfort-oriented, the spring preload is small, and the movement stroke is increased; improve the cycling comfort and the feeling of fatigue during long-distance travel.

Ultra wide radial tire

Front tire: 110/70R17, rear tire: 160/60R17, With a beautiful appearance, it makes the vehicle more stable when bending.

High-strength internal circulation oil-cooling frame

The frame tube is used as the engine oil cooler and the heat of the tube wall is carried away by the head-on air flow. Cracks are not allowed even when the frame is impacted. Otherwise, engine oil will be leaked, which indicates the high requirements for the strength and the tightness of the welding.

Initial design of built-in bumper

Considering that the large bodykit vehicles like ZT310X require dismantling lots of covering parts when installing the bumper, designers make the built-in front part of the bumper to avoid the trouble and damage to the covering parts. The riding will not be affected even if the bumper is not installed in the future.

High compression ratio engine

The ZT310-X engine has a high compression ratio of 12.5:1, and a low fuel consumption can get a 26KW, 30N. M power output. As the development trend of the advanced technology of internal combustion engine in the world, high compression ratio engine is characterized by fuel-saving, environmental protection and high performance. In order to successfully use high compression ratio technology, it is necessary to overcome the technical difficulties in engine material, molding process, structural design and other aspects that are different from the ordinary engines.
Dry sump
ZT310-X engine

The running resistance of the components is very small because there is no engine oil sump in the gearbox of the ZT310-X engine. It greatly improves the acceleration performance, which is the “dry oil sump” design that only the motorcycle on the track has. The principle: after the motorcycle is started, the scarce engine oil in the gearbox is pumped out by the oil pump A immediately, and enters the frame pipe for circulating heat dissipation. The cooled oil after heat dissipation is pumped back to the countless injection channels specially designed for the engine by the oil pump B, and sprayed at each part for heat-removing directly like the shower head.

Ordinary engine

Components operated inside the ordinary engine gearbox are immersed in the engine oil sump. The running resistance is extremely large due to the viscous nature of the engine oil, like running in the water, which is slower than that in air. The oil is more viscous and the engine acceleration performance will be significantly impacted, especially in the winter.