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ZT310-V dark gray and bright white (national IV).
TFT full color LCD screen instrument / keyless control system / electric function / fuel-saving sports dual mode / Shengshi intelligent / equipped with BOSCH Bosch ABS / pure aluminum cylinder / galvanized inner tank fuel tank / hidden exhaust pipe / aluminum alloy rear flat Fork / rear auxiliary mud plate aluminum alloy bracket / rigid folding back foot pedal / three-section adjustable front foot pedal / low sitting height / integral radiator / large disc brake disc / high-strength internal circulation oil-cooled frame / Dual quick charge USB output socket / Wide monolithic seat cushion / Sliding clutch / High compression ratio engine
Keyless control system
Carry a keyless system transponder with you, you can unlock it by induction within 1.5 meters of the vehicle (the transponder is placed in a backpack or pocket and does not need to be taken out). Car electronic lock, give you a cooler experience.
Electric function
Electric fuel tank caps, electric seat pad locks, and electric head locks dwarf the traditional keys. The buttons are distributed on the left and right handlebars for the rider to trigger at any time.
TFT full color LCD screen instrument
Full virtual TFT full-color LCD screen instrument with four personalized theme interfaces. It has two modes of manual and automatic backlight, which can freely adjust the intensity of the backlight according to the change of the environment light and dark. The response is fast, convenient and efficient.
Fuel-saving sports dual mode
By pressing the button on the right handle to switch between the two modes, the meter shows that E is a fuel-saving mode and S is a sports mode, which fully reflects the different needs of long-distance fuel-saving and rapid urban areas. When the driver needs to overtake in an emergency in fuel-saving mode, as long as the engine speed is increased to 7000 rpm, the system will automatically switch to sports mode.
Pure aluminum cylinder
The completely self-made pure aluminum cylinder from casting to processing makes the inner wall of the cylinder without the cylinder liner very thin, and uses the saved space to enlarge the water channel, so that the heat in the cylinder is quickly taken away. Good heat dissipation is an important guarantee to improve engine performance and extend engine life.
Sharp headlights
Using Osram international brand LED light source, the color temperature is naturally soft; imported light-curing, anti-fog coating to prevent the lampshade from yellowing and fogging; the integral aluminum alloy die-casting headlight rear shell significantly improves the heat dissipation efficiency and brightens the vision. Less light decay and longer life.

Galvanized tank fuel tank
Prevent oil filter blockage and fuel tank leakage caused by rust.

Equipped with BOSCH ABS
The BOSCH9.1M ABS system allows the driver to calmly control the vehicle in any unexpected situation. No matter the sand, rain, or snow, the ABS system will bring freewheeling confidence.

Lightweight aluminum alloy rims
The wide rim and hollow interior design ensure good strength and toughness.
Concealed exhaust pipe
Concealed exhaust design, beautiful and generous, to prevent the driver from the danger of burns; the use of automotive-grade special stainless steel exhaust throughout, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, to ensure long service life; national four standards, safer and more environmentally friendly.
Aluminum flat fork
The special technology of integrated molding originates from the independent casting of Daye Company. Through the combination of materials and casting technology, the flexibility of aluminum alloy is close to that of steel pipe, and it is difficult to break during bending and torsion. The characteristics of aluminum alloy are light and rigid. Play.

Rear auxiliary mud plate aluminum alloy bracket
The vehicle comes standard with an aluminum alloy rear auxiliary mud plate, which effectively blocks muddy water thrown from the rear wheels, making riding in the rain more worry-free.
Rear shock absorption
The rear shock absorber redesigned specifically for cruise cars, stepless adjustment of preload, and long stroke setting; after being tested in-house by well-known domestic drivers and carefully adjusted to ensure comfort, it can also meet the requirements of long-distance motorcycle trips.

Strictly folded back pedal
The 310V folding rear pedal consists of 38 parts, and the 310R rear pedal has only 8 parts. Dozens of processed parts on the aluminum pedal support of the folding rear pedal require higher accuracy than the scooter because the scooter does not For the seam, after the 310V foot pedal is closed, it will be tightly connected with the surrounding cover parts. It must also be flexible and durable, and the left and right foot parts cannot be used universally.

Three-stage adjustable front pedal
In order to meet the needs of owners of different heights, the 310V front pedal support has three adjustable functions; the support: length / width / thickness / 23cm / 34cm / 18cm, weighing 1.8 kg, which not only ensures strength, but also eliminates riding In the process, the 310V front pedal support uses aluminum alloy low-pressure casting technology at any cost, which greatly improves the compactness of the casting material.

180 super wide radial tire
The 180 rear wheels have a larger grip area and a domineering appearance, so that ordinary people can be as stable as a driver when they bend.

Low sitting high
In order to facilitate the lack of height for male and female knights, the 720mm sitting height is matched with the excellent ergonomic design of the front of the cushion. Even a knight who is only 1.6 meters tall can land on both feet!

Integrated radiator
The integrated large-area water-cooled radiator has a heat dissipation area 1.2 times that of the ZT310-R split-type radiator, providing higher heat dissipation efficiency.
Standard guardrail
Standard thick steel tube guard bars are integrated into the body to protect the riding safety of your car and your car, making you worry-free!

Integral aluminum alloy backrest
The exquisitely shaped aluminum alloy backrest, with leather-textured rubber, is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Increase disc brakes
Provide more powerful braking force, more linear braking feel.

High-strength internal-circulation oil-cooled frame
The frame pipe is used as an oil cooler, and the heat of the pipe wall is taken away by the oncoming airflow. Even if the frame is impacted, no cracks are allowed, otherwise the oil will leak, which shows that the strength requirements are high and the welding requirements are dense.

Dual fast charge USB output jack
The dual-port USB charger makes full use of the installation space and can simultaneously output 2.1A high current to charge two USB charging devices. The charging speed is faster and the performance is more stable. It has a waterproof, moisture-proof, and shock-resistant structural design, which brings great benefits to the journey. Great convenience.

Wide, integrally molded seat cushion
Daye’s unique automated seat cushion production line combined with unique anti-foam sponge molding technology makes soft sponges see the corners and lint fit, without layer and deformation.

High compression ratio engine
The 310V engine has a high compression ratio of 12.5: 1, which can obtain a power output of 26KW and 30N.M with very low fuel consumption. The high compression ratio engine is the current development trend of advanced technologies for internal combustion engines in the world. Fuel-saving, environmental protection and high performance are high. The characteristics of compression ratio engines. In order to successfully use high compression ratio technology, it is necessary to overcome the technical difficulties of engine materials, molding processes, structural design and other aspects that are different from ordinary engines.

Sliding clutch
It is equivalent to adding a layer of transmission protection between the engine and the rear wheels. When the speed difference is too large, the instantaneous burst phenomenon of the clutch coupling is reduced; the clutch handle is made lighter.

Shengshi Smart
Shengshi smart APP combined with TFT instrument to achieve mobile phone Bluetooth connection, upgrade new functions, synchronously display instrument interface and content, but also reduce navigation information in the center of the instrument; more interesting functions will be developed in the future to enhance the driver’s fun.