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Keyless control system

The carry-on keyless system transponder can unlock the motorcycle through inductiveness within 1.5m from the motorcycle (the transponder can be placed in a backpack or pocket, and the cyclist doesn’t need to take it out), and vice versa when the transponder is outside the range of 1.5m from the motorcycle. It is simple and convenient, which eliminates the cumbersome of using key to unlock the motorcycle. The whole motorcycle adopts the electronic lock, which presents the cyclist more wonderful experience.

Electric function

The electric gasoline tank cover, the electric cushion lock, and the electric motorcycle head all make the traditional keys seem pallid by comparison. The buttons are distributed on the left and the right handlebars, which facilitates the cyclist to press at any time.

LCD intelligent digital controller

Fashionable and distinctive speed indicators are progressively-arranged on the all-liquid-crystal intelligent digital controller which is clear at a glance, with the intelligent processing function based on the advanced electronic sensor combined with the controller chip. (The picture shows the function for reference instead of the real working state of the controller)

Fuel-saving and sporting dual mode

The cyclist can switch between the two modes (E is fuel-efficient mode, S is sports mode) by pressing the button on the right handlebar, which fully satisfies the fuel-saving demand during the long-distance travel and the swift and fierce experience demand of cycling in cities. In the fuel-efficient mode, the system will automatically switch to the sport mode as long as the engine speed is increased to 7,000rpm if the cyclist needs to overtake under emergency.

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Gasoline tank with galvanized liner

Eliminate the clogging of intake filter pulp and the leakage of gasoline tank due to rust.

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Widened and heightened electric windshield

The widened and heightened electric windshield, in line with aerodynamics, effectively reduces the head-on wind and makes the wind blow over the top of the head; fully-exposed aluminum alloy rocker arm with mechanical beauty.

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Hand-guard windshield cover

The aluminum alloy-forged hand-guard windshield cover is exquisite and durable.

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It is equipped with BOSCH ABS

The BOSCH9.1M model ABS system allows and brings confidence for the cyclists to manipulate the motorcycle in case of any unexpected situation unhurriedly at will, regardless of the sandy and the sleet roads.