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Suzuki Katana

The KATANA product concept is; “Forging a New Street Legend”

The KATANA was developed to be a sporty-looking standard street motorcycle that takes lean, mean retro flair and evolves it to offer thoroughly modern styling and performance. Built to deliver the exciting ride one would desire in a current 1000cm3 class motorcycle, the KATANA is also designed to provide easy control over that power and a comfortable riding position.

In paying due tribute to Suzuki’s legendary KATANA while updating both the looks and level of performance to a leading standard for today’s street scene, the KATANA reflects Suzuki’s ongoing commitnew Multistrada has been nothing but good as it allows the bike to run smooth at lower rpm while offering good power up top.

Styling design concept: “A cut above”

The epitome of fine craftsmanship and pure functional beauty. Design inspiration for the original 1981 Suzuki KATANA came from the famed Japanese sword of the same name. It is a fitting motif for two reasons. Firstly, it reflects well the sharp lines and outstanding performance of the legendary KATANA’s func tional beauty. As importantly, it reflects well Suzuki’s philosophy of uncompromising craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Japanese swordsmiths devote countless hours to repeatedly forging, hammering, folding and welding raw steel to achieve the proper level of purity and develop the right balance in the material before giving shape to the blade. So too, Suzuki devotes whatever time is necessary to produce and test prototypes as it devel ops the materials, components and final design of its motorcycles. The results shine through clearly, even when it comes to details never actually seen by the user.

Sharp face with LED headlight and LED front position lights”

A new design featuring a vertically stacked LED headlight with a unique rectangular shape and LED front position lights accentuates the sharp look of the KATA NA’s face.

Clean, taut-looking tail section”

The rear section benefits from the following design features:
Satellite rear fender extending from the swingarm
The KATANA introduces a small rear fender supported by the swingarm that hugs the rear tire. Moving it, along with the rear turn signals and license plate holder,
to this position eliminates parts extending from under the seat to give the tail section cleaner lines and a tougher, lighter new look.

Short, upswept black muffler”

The upswept muffler’s short, compact design combines with its black coloring to further enhance the clean, mean look of the rear section

Rear combination lights”

The new LED rear combination lights feature sharp lines and a unique lighting pattern that heighten the advanced look of the KATANA’s styling.


The black and gray two-tone seat features a stepped design that maintains the sleek profile of the KATANA while ensuring a comfortable riding position and positive footing for the rider. Passenger comfort is also a priority, with the seat strap design ensuring a good grip.

Engine design – outline

Power is supplied by a four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 999cm3 inline-four engine. It is a street-tuned version of the legendary 2005-2008 GSX-R1000 engine designed to provide smooth throttle response and immediate, controlled acceleration. The result is exciting and thoroughly satisfying performance with character istics that make it easy to control.

The engine features a long-stroke design with a 73.4mm bore and 59.0mm stroke. The long-stroke design allows the combustion chamber to be compact. This makes it possible to regulate the compression ratio while maintaining a flat-top piston shape. The result is a broad power range delivered smoothly across the entire rev range.

Fuel injection

The fuel injection system employs Suzuki’s original SDTV (Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve) Ø44mm throttle body, (which is the same size as on the current GSX-R1000 engine.) The secondary throttle valves are controlled by a servo motor for smooth power delivery and optimum combustion efficiency.

The system uses long-nosed 10-hole fuel injectors on each throttle body. This improves fuel atomization for better combustion efficiency, while it also reduces fuel consumption.

It is equipped with an O2 feedback system that delivers optimum combustion efficiency in a wide range of riding conditions, and that also reduces emissions to meet Euro 4 requirements.

Low RPM Assist

The Low RPM Assist system monitors and automatically adjusts engine rpm to help prevent stalling when starting off or riding slowly. This makes it easier to pull away from a standstill or maneuver through heavy traffic or crowded parking lots.

Exhaust system

The exhaust system looks clean, delivers an exciting exhaust note, and contributes to powerful performance. This 4-into-2-into-1 system includes equalizer pipes between the 1-4 and 2-3 header pipes. It is a design that fine-tunes the exhaust pressure waves, thereby contributing to stronger low-to-mid range output.

The system has an exhaust chamber after the joint section, which is carefully shapedto fit under the engine. The exhaust chamber helps minimize the muffler size, giving the rear section a cleaner, more agile look. The exhaust system contains a catalyzer for clean emission that complies with EURO 4 emission regulations. (Euro 4 emission regulations). The Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) system employs a butterfly valve actuated by a servomotor. The amount of valve opening is deter mined by engine rpm, throttle position and gear position. The SET system controls exhaust pressure waves in order to improve engine combustion at low rpm.


The high-efficiency radiator with concave face delivers strong cooling performance. Its shroud efficiently guides air to the radiator core.

Oil Cooler

The engine uses a liquid-cooled oil cooler as opposed to the air-cooled type on the GSX-R1000. The benefit is lighter weight and a more compact size for a cleaner look. The compact design also leaves more room for the exhaust pipes.

Comfortable seat and slim bodywork

The seat height of 825mm provides comfort and allows riders to plant their feet on the ground when stopped. The slim design where the seat meets the fuel tank also helps make it easy for the rider’s feet to reach the ground.

Wheels and tires

The 6-spoke cast aluminum wheels manufactured by TPR are light and rigid to provide nimble, sure handling.
New DUNLOP tubeless radial tires with an inner structure designed exclusively for the Suzuki KATANA provide firm grip and controllable tracking.


The flat-black aluminum handlebar is tapered to increase rigidity while reducing weight and vibration.

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