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• Liquid-cooled   • 4-stroke Single   • DOHC 4-valve
• Fuel Injection : Keihin ø34  • 249 cm³  • 138 kg

249 cm³ Liquid Cooled DOHC 4-Stroke Engine

The KLX250S retains its compact liquid-cooled 4-stroke Single engine, but a number of changes contribute to increased performance


Compact High-Capacity Radiators

Dual high-capacity Denso radiators like those used on our KX motocross bikes deliver superior cooling efficiency and contribute to space and weight savings. The radiators are very slim and feature tightly packed cores and a fin design for excellent heat dispersion. Powering the cooling fan is a thin print motor.

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Frame & Swingarm

The KLX250S’s box- and tubular-section high-tensile steel perimeter frame creates a slim, lightweight package. The 26.5°  caster angle and short wheelbase contribute to quick handling, while the high rigidity of the frame ensures straight-line stability.

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The 43 mm inverted cartridge-style front fork comes with 16-way compression damping adjustment. The cartridge provides consistent damping force by minimising aeration of the fork oil. KX style fork guards protect the inner tubes from rocks and brush.

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Petal Disc Brakes

Front and rear disc brakes offer impressive stopping performance. A twin piston caliper grips a 250 mm disc up front. At the rear, a single-piston caliper operates a larger 240 mm rear disc.


Revised handlebar is straighter and moves the hand position up and in. The more relaxed position makes the bike easier to ride and control.