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“Just Fit! Dynamic Almighty Commuter”, NSS300 return speed to reach the origin, to provide easy and easy to operate interface, the whole car to outline the contours of the unique expression, and simultaneously consider the size of the frame, storage, stampede, weight, rigidity And so on, more close to the daily use. The NSS300 engine offers economical, easy-to-use features and low wear and excellent static properties with biased cylinders. The engine is fixed by OREO LINK, which optimizes balance and comfort, with a heavy center of gravity and weight distribution Appropriate, seat height of only 718mm, create a more intuitive, comfortable and comfortable control.

  • V-Matic belt drive, providing fuel-efficient ride experience

  • The cushions are ergonomic to provide excellent comfort

  • The front storage space is convenient for storing all kinds of items

  • Eagle headlamps are designed with multiple reflection optics

  • The compartment space can be placed in two full-hooded helmets

  • Exhaust pipe with double material anti-hot cover