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Ducati Panigale V4 R

Pure racing adrenaline

The Panigale V4 R embodies the maximum expression of Ducati values: style, sophistication, performance.

It is the maximum expression of Ducati’s racing DNA, similar to a racing prototype as no other bike: a forward-looking model that accompanies the rider towards a dimension of advanced riding, made up of curves and straights that run incredibly fast, thanks to the electronics that, like an invisible, magical safety net, allows going beyond the limits.

Designed to elicit a symphony of emotions, thanks also to the dry clutch, the Panigale V4 R transfoms the concept of performance: not only acceleration, braking ability and best lap time, but also safety and ease of riding, whatever the level of experience.

In short, pure racing adrenalin under control.


After the Italian Superbike Championship CIV, the Panigale V4 R also dominated the British Superbike

The 2019 edition of the British Superbike Championship ended victoriously for Scott Redding and his Panigale V4 R of the Be Wiser Ducati team.